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Top Supplements for Mens Health
Posted August 8, 2009 by JeffBehar

Many people do not eat well enough to get all the vitamins and minerals man_with_sonnecessary to promote good health and counteract the effects of aging. There are many natural supplements that can be taken to improve your quality of life, reduce your risk of disease, extend your lifespan and slow down the aging process so you look and feel better too! The following are some important natural supplements that every man should know about in order to treat their body and mind right!

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Tonia Moore asks for support & donations

By: ToniaMoore
Date: 08/04/2009

I would like to THANK those who have supported me & who have so far made donations helping me out finanacially because now I am pretty much broke and need help with getting back on my feet till I get back to work again. I'm self employed & have no one to support me so now that is my big stress. So if you're reading this and can help me out with any little bit I would be very GREATFUL!! I know times are hard right now & I'm not the only one but I really do need whatever help I can get. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't so.

Thank you everyone for all your love & support

Donations can be sent to the following mailing address (I don't have Paypal because they banned me...that's another story)

Attn: Tonia Moore

PO BOX 848

LAKEWOOD, CA 90714-0848


Tonia Moore knocked out of competition....due to Crohn's Disease & Hospitalation!!!

My friends Sony & Rob Van Dam visit me in Hospital after surgery.

Friends VisitFriends Visit"

Well I must say it's been a quite an experience the last 3 months or so. Around April 2009 is about the last time I've been in the gym and that was probably only 2 times that month. It seems that after applying for health insurance in April and it went into effect on May 1st is when I got hit with a ton of bricks. I started having major abdominal pain, constant diarrhea where I pretty much just could not leave the house, blood in my stool, mouth full of ulcers that prevented me from eating because it hurt so bad to put anything in my mouth, then a staph infection, and a cyst in a not so nice spot. Constant trips to the doctor. I then had a Colonoscopy and an upper Endoscopy done on June 12, 2009 that diagnosed me with Crohn's Disease an (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease that is not curable. My GI Specialist immediately started me on meds one of which is EXPENSIVE!!

Starting my med treatment of course takes time to kick in and I did have some days where I felt they were starting to kick in finally and not feeling the abdominal so much. I still battled with the diarrhea. I got lucky most days that I was able to at least train my clients in the morning....I always prayed for just those few hours that I would make it through and be ok till I got back home. Somewhere along the way I started feeling worse. Then on July 6, 2009 the excruciating pain I had was unbearable and decided it was time to go to ER.

Going to the ER.....well while in the bathroom literally crying from the pain I felt I then thought it's possible that I may have appendicitis since everything else hit me. I got a hold of my Mom & Sister to let them know I need to go to the ER so they came right away to get me and take me in. Luckily there was not a lot of people in the ER but it still took a while to admit me. Finally I get in ER, get a bed, they take blood, then schedule me right away for a CT Scan so I had to drink about 2 10oz cup fulls of Contrast 1 at that moment they brought it to me and the other an hour later which is not the best tasting drinking but it was cold so it made it a little more tolerable. The lab test showed my White Blood cell count very high which means major infection and my CT Scan showed that my colon perforated and waste leaked into my abdomen causing the major infection. The Doctors don't know how I even made it that far....they said "any normal person would not have made it and should've been in the hospital a couple of days ago"If I would've have waited one more day it would've killed me. After that they admitted me into a room, of course hooked up to the IV and stuff.....I needed after being so malnutritioned from really not being able to eat. I also had my moriphine where I pushed that little button every 1o minutes to help with the pain. I mostly had to mentally get my mind into another zone till the pain would kind of go away except for any time I had to move the pain kicked in like a mother. It felt like someone stabbing me with a knife.

The next morning July 7, 2009 is when I went into surgery. When they moved my bed down to the surgery room the pain kicked in sooooo bad once that bed stopped. So my surgery....well they cut down the middle of my stomach, remove 1/3rd of my colon on the right side that had all the ulcers from the Crohn's Disease and in which had perforated, they also removed 600cc's of pus or waste from my abdominal cavity and they had to rinse and clean it all out. I stayed forever in Recovery because they had to wait for a bed in ICU for me.

Soooo I stayed 1 week in that hospital and they moved me to an extended stay rehab hospital where I pretty much was the youngest person there. They had to make sure my white blood cell count went down back to normal and be clear of the infection. It wasn't until yesterday July 23, 2009 that I finally got discharged.

Time for Recovery now....I've lost soooo much weight and muscle it's not even funny. Crohn's disease effects the absorbtion of nutrients not to mention being laid up in a hospital for 2 1/2 weeks doesn't help. I went from my muscle frame of 150lbs to a super skinny bony 98lbs. I can't wait to get back up in weight and strength.

So that's my story which has effected my life seriously in all ways. I just want to thank God, and my Mom, Sister, and my friends for all their help and support and for visiting me in the hospital. My Mom & Sister Regina has helped me out MAJORLY!!

Thanks everyone for your time, love and support.

God Bless!!

Tonia Moore

Official Website:


Diving down healthy_heart.jpglow-density lipoprotein (LDL), or badӔ cholesterol, has been the primary approach to improving cholesterol levels and reducing people's risk to heart disease, but there is also another important part of this equation when it comes to lowering your risk to cardiovascular disease: high-density lipoprotein (HDL), the goodӔ cholesterol. Higher levels of HDL are associated with lower cardiovascular disease risk; and some say the level is as or more important than LDL levels to decrease heart disease risk. There are ways to naturally boost HDL without drugs. To learn how, click here

About the Author

Jeff Behar
Jeff Behar, MS, MBA

Jeff Behar, MS, MBA is a recognized health, fitness and nutrition expert, regularly writing about hot topics in the areas of health, fitness, disease prevention, weight loss, nutrition, anti aging and alternative medicine. Jeff Behar's work also often appears in several of the major health and fitness newsletters, health and fitness magazines, and on major health, fitness and weight loss websites. Jeff Behar is also the CEO of, and; two very popular health, fitness, nutrition and anti aging information sites.


As men age, the amount of testosterone in their bodies gradually declines. older_man_in_swimming_poolhis natural decline starts after the age of 30 and continues to decline steadily throughout a man's life.

This hormone decline can affect men in several ways, such as loss of energy, loss of muscle mass, loss of strength, loss of bone mineral density, increase in body fat, decreased sense of well being, reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and several other undesirable affects that can dramatically decrease quality of life. Such changes, in association with low testosterone levels, have been called "male menopause."

With people living longer and a much bigger emphasis today on quality of life, many men are looking to hormone replacement therapy (aka, testosterone replacement therapy TRT) as a new fountain of youth for anti aging.

According to pharmaceutical industry estimates, more than a total of 2.3 million prescriptions were written for Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) products in 2005 and the numbers haave been growinrapidly every year.

Causes of Testosterone Deficiency

Testosterone deficiency results from the testes being unable to produce the normal levels of testosterone. This deficiency can be physiological or pathological. Physiological deficiency occurs with age. As a man ages, the amount of testosterone in his body gradually declines. This natural decline starts after the age of 30 and continues throughout the life.

In healthy male population 20-40 years of age, the level of early morning testosterone should be 21.8 nmol/L (627 ng/dL).

Pathological deficiency is caused by some other condition and the most common causes are:

1. Injury or infection of the testicles
2. Chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer
3. Genetic abnormalities such as Klinefelter's Syndrome
4. Hemochromatosis caused by too much iron in the body
5. Dysfunction of the pituitary gland
6. Inflammatory diseases such as sarcoidosis
7. Medications, especially hormones used to treat prostate cancer and corticosteroid drugs
8. Chronic illness
9. Chronic kidney failure
10. Liver cirrhosis
11. Stress
12. Alcoholism

In order to be treated correctly, and to even be properly considered for male hormone therapy several male hormone levels should be reviewed.

Male Hormone Levels
Hormone to Test Normal Values What value means
Testosterone 270-1100 ng/dl

Testosterone is a hormone produced by the Leydig cells of the testes. Like other steroid hormones, testosterone is derived from cholesterol. It has many functions and it is responsible for normal growth, development of the male sex organs and maintenance of the secondary sex characteristics.

Testosterone is also important for maintaining muscle bulk, bone growth, adequate levels of red blood cells, energy, sexual function, and a. sense of well-being. 600-625 ng/dl is considered by most doctors as "normal" however these numbers can vary widely

Free Testosterone .95-4.3 ng/dl It is important to remember that blood levels of both free and total testosterone vary widely among individuals, making it difficult to establish a general threshold for treatment. However, levels are quite consistent within individuals, so it is helpful for men to have multiple tests over time to determine trends and individual thresholds for treatment.
% Free Testosterone .3% - 5% A normal male has about 2% free, unbound testosterone. Many people forget the importance of this number.
Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) 1-18 mIU/ml Basic hormone testing for males often only includes FSH and testosterone. FSH stimulates spermatogenesis.

Luteinizing Hormone (LH) 2-18 mIU/ml

LH stimulates Leydig cells and production of testosterone.

A problem with LH levels alone is rarely seen, so testing is only needed if testosterone level is abnormal. As men age, a number of changes occur that reduce the testosterone level available to the body and that alter the ratio between testosterone and the chief female hormone, estrogen. This condition is now referred to as partial androgen deficiency of aging men.

Estradiol (E2) 10-60 pg/ml Elevated estradiol levels in males can lead to gynecomastia. Increased estradiol levels in males may be caused by increased body fat, resulting in enhanced peripheral aromatization of androgens. Levels in men can also be increased by excessive use of marijuana, alcohol, or prescribed drugs. Estradiol levels can also be dramatically elevated in germ cell tumors and tumors of a number of glands in both men and women.

It is also imperative to also test estrogen levels. Many of the unwanted effects of male hormone imbalance are actually caused by an elevated estrogen level relative to testosterone level (the estrogen/testosterone ratio).
Progesterone (P4) .3-1.2 ng/ml

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About the Author, Jeff Behar

Jeff Behar, MS, MBA is a recognized health, fitness and nutrition expert, regularly writing about hot topics in the areas of health, fitness, disease prevention, weight loss, nutrition, anti aging and alternative medicine. Jeff Behar's work also often appears in several of the major health and fitness newsletters, health and fitness magazines, and on major health, fitness and weight loss websites. Jeff Behar is also the CEO of, and; two very popular health, fitness, disease prevention, weight loss, nutrition and anti aging information sites.

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