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***Tips on Tanning***

  • Some individuals will need to apply more color than others, and not all products work well on every skin type, texture and color
  • Exfoliation is important in the weeks prior to show, as well as frequent moisturization
  • Practice color application as well as the hair and eyelashes, as it can make or break the look you present onstage
  • You should know in advance whether a product will make you green, red, orange, or the brown you're seeking
  • You should know if you’ll need 2 coats or 5
  • It is usually a good idea to have a base color prior to show product application, either through actual tanning, or self tanning products
  • Don' get dressed when your color is wet
  • Put socks on your hands to sleep when you have fresh color on
  • Always bring your own sheets so you don't ruin the hotel sheets and end up paying for them, as well as a drop cloth for the bathroom if you apply color yourself
  • Turtle wax sponge applicators can be very useful in applying color