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Q: How does a girl make the best choice for a
suit for her body type? What does she need to know, how can she highlight
her strong points and hide any weak points she might have with her suit?

***One Piece Suit***

A: The one piece is kind of the evening gown of suits; it allows the judges and audience to see a competitor’s silhouette as opposed to the details of her physique. A good designer will ask a customer a number of questions, as well as ask for specific measurements in order to help her choose which cut of one piece suit will work best with their particular physique.

***Two Piece Suit***

Q: The two piece suit: Does any suit would work for
anyone since there is less room to hide, or are there certain things they
can do when picking out a suit that can make or break them?

A: The 2 piece suit needs to be cut to flatter both a girls upper and lower body; there’s no such thing as a small, medium or large suit here! The seat of both suits should have approximately 50% coverage, in order to not overwhelm the glutes and look like a diaper. Some physiques require less fabric than others of course, and a suit designer should take a girls measurements, height, current weight and predicted stage weight into consideration when creating a pattern for the individual. The best top style will depend on the individual, but in general the sweetheart shaped sliding triangle on string flatters most physiques when it is cut well.

***Suit Design***

Q: Suit designs, all the studs and rhinestones; is it easy
to overdo this or would is more better?

A: There are many who think that more is better when it comes to the decoration on the suits. A suit should be well done, attractive to look at, eye-catching in style of decoration and color; Suits should be made to match their physiques as well as their personalities. Each customer is happier knowing that the suit she purchased had this kind of thought and planning behind it.

It sometimes appears that there is a 2nd competition going on among the suits onstage! When someone invests the amount of time and effort into their physique and the preparation it takes to achieve stage worthy conditioning, they want to adorn and flatter their physique with the best suit their budget will allow, in order to help them stand out from the competition and look their best. There is such a thing as too much decoration, when the light reflected from the crystals distracts the judges eye away from what is actually being judged: the proportion, symmetry, balance, development and conditioning of the physique. That being said, the total package presented is equal to more than the sum of its parts, so choose wisely when seeking a designer. Look for someone with stage experience if possible. Better yet, someone who has judged competitions, and knows what judges are looking for in the fit of a suit onstage. This is a rare combination, but important.

***Suit Tips***

Tips you can use to make sure your Suit is Perfect

1.    A competitor should make sure her color is as dry as possible before heading to the show's venue
2.    She should be as prepared as possible once she gets there, so that the only things to worry about are getting suit on, gluing it down if necessary, and oil application
3.    Proper fit is so important, so that there is no need to fidget with the suit onstage, and a competitor isn't distracted from the task at hand, their stage presentation



Tips on Shoes: What to Look for & Avoid

    * The 5" clear mules usually are best; any higher and the leg can look distorted in the front pose, as well as make the walking and turning too stiff
    * Lower heels tend not to give the legs as much shape as the 5".


Tips for Jewelry: What’s too Much, What’s Perfect?

    * Your jewelry should complement your suit, rather than have a show of its own on your body
    * Too many items or too much color can be distracting
    * Necklaces are usually not a good idea, as there is so much going on with the suit at the neckline
    * Anklets are overkill

What Looks Best?

    * A bracelet on one wrist
    * Earrings that dangle without swaying too much
    * Possibly a ring if one is so inclined

***Tips for Hair: The Best Approach***

    * Hair can be tricky to get right, and it should be practiced a few times before the show, along with false eyelashes
    * Usually somewhat of a natural and movable look is best with hair; save the updo's for weddings and state dinners
    * A certain amount of effort should be applied to ensure the hair flatters the face; plan a style that suits hair texture and color, and imagine you are going to the world’s biggest party where all eyes will be on you, and photographers clicking away
    * Too light or too dark in color doesn’t read well under the bright stage lighting

***Tips on Accessories***

(Things to have with you)

  • Always bring a big towel to sit on backstage
  • A sewing kit, a few crystals and glue, some extra hooks and safety pins
  • Baby wipes, gum or mints, water, snacks
  • Sometimes you wait a long time, it doesn’t hurt to bring a magazine or book with you
  • Comfortable cover-up clothes that wont mark your skin, flip flops, eyelash glue and extra eyelashes

***Final Tips***

Fitness & Figure:

   1. Order a suit from a reputable designer well in advance (12-16 weeks) of your show. If you've invested this kind of time and effort into your physique and preparation, you deserve to wear a suit that will flatter your physique, and thrill you to bits to be seen and photographed in
   2. PRACTICE EVERYTHING, well past when you think you've practiced enough
   3. Smile onstage like you just won the lottery, and be proud and confident while you're up there; you've worked hard, you deserve to enjoy your moment.