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***Stage Presence***

(Things to Remember: Fitness & Figure)

  • Your walking and posing onstage is a performance and should be choreographed and practiced as such. Too many girls put in the minimum effort here and it will show, and perhaps affect their placing if they haven't worked on it and needed to work harder
  • Aside from a bad suit, nothing ruins a great physique more than the lack of a person’s ability to display it properly. There's a certain level of confidence that one must pretend to have if not actually have in order to get yourself across the stage and through the poses with panache
  • Beware of appearing cocky, on the other hand, as that can be a turnoff to the audience if not the judges
  • If possible, have someone film your walk and posing, and practice in front of a group so you get the feel for what it will be like on show day.

***Stage Exit***

(Fitness & Figure)

  • Exit the stage by raising your back arm, giving a small wave and slight knee bend, along with your best smile
  • It is polite to acknowledge the judges and audience for their time and consideration