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Quincy Taylor's Advanced Diet and Training

This diet is to maintain and gain muscle mass and to keep body fat extremely low. Calorie intake is moderate; the meals are very strict after the workout is done due to the fact that there is no need for carbohydrates if you are done working out. You should be consuming at least 1 gallon of water a day and at least 3 proteins shakes a day, 3 scoops to add to the protein level.

Quincy Taylor's Intermediate Workout

Diet Introduction: This is an intermediate diet for putting on size and maintaining a low body fat percentage.  In order to do that the calorie intake will be a little bit higher, do not assume you have enough calories actually learn to count them....

Quincy Taylor's Female Size and Body Fat Reduction Workout

Circuit Training: Intervals of 2 minutes of cardio between each set 3 days a week of weight training Day 1: CHEST & SHOULDERS Circuit 1: Sitting Chest Press on machine Moderate weight X 25 REPS Cardio 2 minutes Circuit 2: Sitting Chest Fl...

Quincy Taylor's Female Size Gaining Workout

Day 1 Shoulders: (Heavy Weight) Military Press 4X12-15 Dumb Bell Side Raises: 4x12-15 Rear Delts on Incline: 4X12-15 Strait Bar Front Raises: 4X12-15 Day 2 Arms: (Heavy Weight) Tricep Kickbacks on a ben...

Quincy Taylor's Beginner Workout and Nutrition

Introduction: This is the beginner workout for the total novice; from ages 12 – 20. This is for someone who has never picked up a weight and has never worked out with weights.  There is no intensity level; the goal is to just get...

Quincy Taylor's Off-Season Workout

Quincy Taylor has prepared an off-season workout that has worked great for him, give it a try and look for more Expert Exclusives from Quincy!